Physical activity and education

Walk to School Day

An internationally celebrated event, Walk to School Day brings together millions of walkers from around the world all hoping to create communities that are safe places to walk.

In Pennsylvania, Walk to (or at) School Day is celebrated to build support for creating Safe Routes to School.

Celebrate Walk to (or at) School Day on October 5th and become part of an international effort to create safer and improved streets, promote healthier habits and conserve the environment.

Start planning your school's Walk to School Day event today!

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“It was a lot of fun partnering with York Avenue Elementary School for Walk to School Day. Several hundred people who came out for an early morning stretch, face painting, sing-alongs and a tour of the new performing arts center before a brisk walk to school. It was a true partnership as the business community, local newspaper and local police department were all involved.”

Anthony Johnson
Operations Manager
The Partnership TMA
Montgomery County