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What is nrg?

Teens have great influence on families, peers, younger children, and the economy. Engaging them in shaping the future will undoubtedly help to create lasting social change.

Through nrg Powered by Choice™, teens have influenced societal norms and become the driving force behind promoting healthy behaviors and improving community environments to better support healthy eating and physical activity.

Developed by the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital with funding from the Highmark Foundation's Healthy High 5 initiative, nrg Powered by Choice has rallied middle and high school students across the commonwealth to make changes to their school environments to allow themselves, peers, and future generations to have access to healthier options.

These students also know that leading a healthy lifestyle is important to their families, school, and organizations like the Highmark Foundation that fund youth health initiatives. That's why, since its initial launch in September 2007, more than 5,400 teens across the state have declared their support for the nrg Powered by Choice campaign.

They've committed to raising awareness about the importance of eating well and being active, adopting these behaviors in their own lives and educating others on why it's important.

From student-run gardens, to after-school hip-hop classes, and healthy mentoring programs, teens have stepped up and taken action to help reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.

The nrg Powered by Choice campaign was initially developed with funding from Highmark Healthy High 5, a children's health promotion initiative of the Highmark Foundation, created to change behavior in young people ages 6-18 and improve eating habits and physical activity.

Students Taking Charge

Want to take your middle/high school's student health efforts to the next level?
Get involved with Students Taking Charge, a national program of Action for Healthy Kids.
Click here to listen to a Webinar about Students Taking Charge designed specifically for nrg advisors.

“I take part in our school’s nrg Powered by Choice program. nrg is a very good thing that has happened in our school; even kids who don’t usually get involved seem to love the nrg program.”

senior at Galeton High School