School spotlight

Since 2003, the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion has been working with schools throughout Pennsylvania to promote nutrition and physical activity.

Schools across the commonwealth are committed to helping their student be healthier - to help instill lifetime healthy habits and better prepare them for learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Read about what schools in your community are doing to improve nutrition and physical activity for today's youth. Or submit your school's story to and we'll review it for a future school spotlight posting.

nrgBalance Zones School Spotlight Criteria:

  • Enrolled in the nrgBalance Zone campaign for the current school year
  • Active school district wellness council that meets at least two times per year
  • Demonstration of school wide participation in nutrition and/or physical activity program/initiative
  • High level of parent engagement
  • Celebrate at least two nrgBalance Zones events (Walk to School Day, Apple Crunch, Go for the Greens, or Move it Outside)

“Enrolling as a Keystone Healthy Zone school has allowed our students to participate in lifetime activities through our physical education and after-school programs.”

Jill Hoffman
Health and Phys Ed Teacher
Blue Ridge Middle School
Susquehanna County