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School health council toolkit

In 2004, the federal government enacted the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act, requiring all school districts that participate in the National School Lunch Program and/or School Breakfast Program to develop a local wellness policy.

Although these policies were mandated at the school district level, establishing a School Health Council at the building level can help ensure schools are consistently working toward the goal of providing a healthy school environment.

  • Form a School Health Council
      • Review "School Health Council Resource Guide" (PDF)
      • Schedule a meeting with school administration to receive approval to form school building health council
      • Schedule and publicize first SHC meeting
      • Invite suggested SHC representatives to attend meeting and serve on Council
      • During first meeting, set goals for SHC and determine regular meeting Schedule
      • Continue to hold regular SHC meetings and share impact of Council activities with school administration, parents, school board officials, etc.
  • Develop a School Wellness Policy for your Building
    • SHC reviews "School Wellness Policy FAQs" (PDF)
    • Review a copy of your school district's school wellness policy.
    • SHC convene School Wellness Policy development group to include: students, parents, representatives of school food authority, school board, school administration, community members and other relevant school professionals (school nurses, teachers (PE, health education and family and consumer science))
    • Set timeline/work plan for developing administrative regulations
    • Establish oversight committee to ensure regulations are being met and consistently communicated
  • Create a Healthier School Environment

“Enrolling as a Keystone Healthy Zone school has allowed our students to participate in lifetime activities through our physical education and after-school programs.”

Jill Hoffman
Health and Phys Ed Teacher
Blue Ridge Middle School
Susquehanna County