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Go for the Greens

Go for the Greens

March 2012

What is Go for the Greens?

Celebrated annually in March, Go for the Greens promotes green veggies as good food and good fun! Schools and community organizations celebrate this event with taste-testings and other fun activities to open young minds and taste buds to the greatness of greens! This event emphasizes incorporating veggies as part of healthy meals with a focus on kids' lunches and family dinner.

Choose from the menu on the right to learn how you can celebrate Go for the Greens in your school or community recreation center or at home by focusing on family meals.

Go for the Greens is a program of the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital.

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“We have tastings of a variety of green fruits and vegetables that some students said, "Hey– I've never had this before and I liked it.”

Deb Ross
Benton Area School District
Columbia County