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nrgBalance Zone
nrgBalance Zone
Class of 2011/12:
471 schools

8th Annual nrgBalance Zone Campaign

Congratulations nrgBalance Zone Class of 2011/12!
Download the 2011/12 list of nrgBalance Zone Schools.

What is the nrgBalance Zone Campaign?

The nrgBalance Zone Campaign is an annual program that assists school health leaders with fostering an environment that supports children eating well and being physically active.

Participating schools are publicly recognized as nrgBalance Zones and are equipped with programs, resources and outreach opportunities to promote good nutrition and active living to youth and families. Enrollment in the nrgBalance Zone Campaign is FREE. All Pennsylvania schools, K-12, both public and private, are eligible to enroll.

During the 2009/2010 school year, nrgBalance Zone schools celebrated healthy eating and physical activity in a variety of ways. Read how two schools, Claysville Elementary School (PDF) and Port Allegany Elementary School (PDF), made healthy living a top priority.

When did the campaign begin and how successful has it been?

The nrgBalance Zone campaign (formerly Keystone Healthy Zone) was launched during the 2003/04 school year. Since that time the campaign has:

  • had an average yearly enrollment of 1,400 schools
  • been implemented at least once in 99 percent of Pennsylvania counties
  • supported the school wellness efforts of 79 percent of PA school districts
  • engaged more than 40 percent of public elementary school buildings.

To date, the campaign has reached more than 2,650,000 youth across the state of Pennsylvania.

“Enrolling as a Keystone Healthy Zone school has allowed our students to participate in lifetime activities through our physical education and after-school programs.”

Jill Hoffman
Health and Phys Ed Teacher
Blue Ridge Middle School
Susquehanna County