How can I get my child's school involved?

Since 2003, the Center has had a longstanding relationship with Pennsylvania schools. By leading an annual healthy school campaign, the Center helps schools promote healthy eating and physical activity and improve school environments to help students make healthy choices.

Through the healthy school campaign, the Center provides programs and health education materials including:

  • Teen engagement campaign
  • Lessons and activities on bike and pedestrian safety and walking to/at school
  • Outdoor recreation lesson plans
  • Growth screening implementation resources
  • Three annual events promoting healthy meals, healthy snacks, and outdoor play
  • School wellness council resources
  • Fact sheets, event planning guides, and promotional templatesAfter-school nutrition education curricula

On average, 950 schools throughout the Commonwealth enroll each year. Since its inception, the campaign, its program and messages has reached more than 340,000 youth and families.

The campaign is free to all schools in Pennsylvania – public and private, K-12. Enrollment occurs each year in the spring for the following school year.

Find out if your school is currently enrolled.

If not, it's not too late to take advantage of the many tools and resources available to Schools on this website. But most importantly, encourage your school administrator to get involved next school year. A customized powerpoint presentation and fact sheet are available for you to share.

“Great job with nrg. As a parent, I am thankful my daughter has participated in multiple "nrg" events; it has made a difference. Thank you for leading such an important charge!”

Mary Beth
parent of a high school student