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nrg Outdoors Challenge

The nrg Outdoors Challenge is a two-week activity that equips youth with the skills needed to engage in outdoor recreation activities and learn five important behaviors for maintaining good health.

During week one of the curriculum, a classroom teacher instructs youth on ways to achieve each of five daily behaviors: one hour of physical activity - emphasizing outdoor activity; limiting non-educational screen time to less than two hours and conserving electricity; eating three balanced meals and nutritious snacks; drinking at least four cups of water to stay hydrated throughout the day; and buying local fruits and vegetables to get the recommended five servings per day.

The second week, students are "challenged" to act one or more of the behaviors with a friend or family member outside of the classroom.

Bring the nrg Outdoors Challenge to your school. Download the following materials to get started:

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“nrg Outdoors is a great way to discover and explore the network of trails and parks available in our own backyard. There‚Äôs no better way to turn 'screen time' into 'green time.'”

Carol Hussa
Steps to a Healthier PA
Luzerne County