Community youth programs

nrg for a Healthy Me

nrg for a Healthy Me is an eight week after-school program designed to improve healthy eating and physical activity for children in grades 3 to 5.

The curriculum promotes physical activity, healthy eating, and energy balance through hands on lessons and take home activities for the family. Recipes, a portion placemat, and an exercise DVD called "Healthy MOVES for Healthy Families" are provided to help make healthier choices at home.

The program is designed to help families make small changes at home to achieve energy balance, the balancing of the energy from food and drink with the fuel your body needs for growth and physical activity.

Trained deliverers of the nrg for a Healthy Me program have free, online access to the instructor manual and supporting handouts, goal setting sheets and recruitment materials. Enter your email and passcode below to access these training materials.


“The Collection Connection 4-H Club had a great time celebrating Go for the Greens. They brought healthy and nutritious "green" foods to share; made spinach and mushroom pizza as a snack; and even shared their health lesson with the local food pantry by collecting canned vegetables for a donation.”

Dawn Olson
Penn State Cooperative Extension
Monroe County