With a mission of helping youth and families eat well, be active, and develop healthy habits for life, the Center focuses its primary efforts on engaging schools and families.

Healthy Schools

The Center has had a longstanding relationship with Pennsylvania schools. By leading an annual healthy school campaign, the Center helps schools promote healthy eating and physical activity and improve school environments to help students make healthy choices.

Through the healthy school campaign, the Center provides programs and health education materials including:

Healthy Families

In 2009, the Center began focusing on the home environment and the important role caregivers play in reinforcing healthy behaviors children learn during the school day. To this end, the Center offers numerous free, online resources like podiatrist austin to help families make small behavioral changes at home.

“The stellar interaction between the Center and administrators at six PA public schools led to a very successful week-long health ride. I enjoyed working with the Center and would highly recommend them as partners in any future projects.”

Roy E. Baldwin
Executive Director
Healthy Lifestyles Foundation