About nrgBalance

nrgBalance (short for "energy balance") is a health promotion brand developed by the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital (Center).

Launched in 2008, nrgBalance provides school and community health leaders with resources and programs to encourage youth and their families to eat healthy and be active.

In scientific terms, energy balance means eating and drinking the right amount of fuel your body needs (energy in) for growth and everyday living (energy out). The term energy balance is frequently used by physicians and health professionals to explain the fundamentals of maintaining a healthy weight.

The Center has translated this scientific principle into a catchy, visually-appealing, and well-recognized brand that has quickly spread through schools and communities across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

On average, more than 950 schools participate in nrgBalance initiatives each year, reaching more than 340,000 youth and their families. As the hub of activity in any community, we've found schools' health efforts often spill over into community venues such as recreation centers, family days, health care settings, after-school providers and more, further expanding the nrgBalance reach.

“The stellar interaction between the Center and administrators at six PA public schools led to a very successful week-long health ride. I enjoyed working with the Center and would highly recommend them as partners in any future projects.”

Roy E. Baldwin
Executive Director
Healthy Lifestyles Foundation